The Small Projects Foundation

Making meaning. Taking action. Changing lives. 


Making Meaning

We are a conscientious non-governmental organisation committed to empowering and developing communities in the Eastern Cape and South Africa.

Taking Action

We improve the lives of poor and disadvantaged people.


Changing Lives

  • Small projects foundation upliftment

    Success & Soul Buddyz club

    Qiti JSS We visited the school for Health Talks to Grades 7, 8, & 9. On arrival at the school we talked to the principal Mr Mjombile about the programme. When we visited this in 2017 during the catch-up Plan he related to us that the pregnancy rate in the school was very high in […]

  • An egg a day will keep the doctor at bay

    An egg a day will keep the doctor at bay

    Ever thought an egg could save a child’s life? Or motivate her mom to care for herself? SPF Community Healthworker at Nkumandeni clinic.   You’re not alone in (in)correctly thinking this might not be the case. However, thanks to the initiative and ingenuity of our partners and programme managers (and with some serious scientific back […]

  • BCM Condom Week

    BCM Condom Week

    Bumb’ingomso leads the Buffalo City Metropolitan Municipality STI and Condom Week event. The Bumb’ingomso Behaviour Change Intervention team from Small Project Foundation Team took part in the BCMM STI and Condom Week event at the Ducats community. The event was hosted by the Department of Health and the BCMM Youth HIV/AIDS desk and the theme was […]

  • A New Mom is Born

    A New Mom is Born

    Ms Siphokazi Lamla has decided to refocus her energy and skills back in to her community by helping those around her with the training she has received through SPF. Ms Siphokazi Lamla shares the story of how her SPF training helped a pregnant woman safely deliver her baby in Ngqeleni.   When it counted, Siphokazi […]

  • Men Are Nurturers, Too!

    Men Are Nurturers, Too!

    Vusumzi Noyila is determined not to let outdated notions of masculinity deter him from caring for people in his community. Mr Vusumzi Noyila, who is a CHW at Nkumandeni clinic in Ngqeleni, describes how life changing his work for the Child Survival and Development programme (funded by Nelson Mandela Children’s Fund) is for both his […]

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