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Bright Futures Programme

Bright Futures Programme

With the right skills and knowledge, girl children can have mastery over their own lives. With that in mind, we developed the Bright Futures Programme. We provide young women with age-appropriate knowledge on puberty and sexual reproductive health. This inspires young women to make informed decisions and develop their self esteem.

Protecting Futures

This component deals with puberty and sexual and reproductive health rights. Comprised of six learning units that are aligned to the South African school curriculum for Life Orientation, it teaches girls about puberty, intimate relationships, preventing teenage pregnancy, parent-daughter communication, HIV/AIDS and the importance of thinking about the future.

This school-based programme has made children more aware of their sexual and reproductive health rights. It has shown decreased rates of learner pregnancy, absenteeism and drop outs. More young women are reporting cases of sexual abuse to authorities. Parents attend parent meetings at schools and are involved in the lives of their children.

The programme has encouraged fathers to be more hands-on with their daughters. Several dads have since said they did not know they needed to be as involved, and have taken more of the share of support and care of their children.

Gender Based Violence Component

In peer education sessions, male and female learners are taught how to deal with gender based violence. Life Orientation teachers and parents are involved, and each school is mentored to develop its own gender based violence policy. This includes a reporting and  referral system for incidences that occur.

Give Yourself a Job Component

In an economic landscape marred by financial inequality, school children must learn how to be self-starters. The Give Yourself a Job lessons mentor youth and provide them with the tools they need to find and create their own jobs. In 14 learning units that are aligned to the South African school curriculum for Economic and Management Sciences, young people are encouraged to create a vision for their future. Alongside this, learners develop the skills, confidence and know-how to find or create their very own jobs in the local economy.

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