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Education Sector

Combating gender-based violence at schools | UNICEF

This programme which was part of a “Safer South Africa” Programme, was aimed at improving school safety through GBV training for School Based Clubs in the Eastern Cape. The plan was to integrate a gender component into the already existing Protecting/Bright Futures Programme and Give Yourself a Job Programme which would be rolled out in 50 schools focusing on 100 girl learners at each school. The learners were taught about puberty, menstruation, GBV, SRH, prevention of teenage pregnancy and HIV/AIDS.

Always keeping girls in school

The Bright Futures methodology forms an integral part of the work we do. Over the years we have rolled it out to an increasing number of schools across South Africa and have extended it further afield. We have also refined, added to, and improved this methodology in order to achieve our vision of empowering youth and especially girls to complete school and have the skills to find or create their own jobs and develop bright futures for themselves, their families and communities. 

Education Sector
Education Sector

Kistefos Educational Fund

A quality education for South African children

Our initial aim was to benefit 600 children and educate 12 Early Childhood Practitioners at four crèches to a National Qualification Framework level 4. We have exceeded our expectations, with 25 ECD teachers in training, supporting 1 213 learners in 24 Educare centres. This is significant progress, and it is just the beginning.

One to One Bright Futures

Educating young adults about their human rights

We talk to young adults in grades 7 to 9 about their human rights, gender-based violence and issues that affect them. Our focus includes training teachers, facilitators and parents so that they are aware of their child’s rights. GEMBEM Clubs are established in every school, and focus on issues related to social support, skills development, academic and environmental care. They are a vital platform for learners to interact with one another and have open, frank discussions. Over 1 000 children have benefited.

Education Sector
Education Sector

Sanitary Dignity Campaign Programme

Keeping girls in school. Period.

Many young women miss school when they are menstruating. Reasons include lack of access to sexual and reproductive health education, sanitary pads and clean toilets at schools. This campaign restores dignity to school-going women and ensures that they attend school when they have their periods.


  • Local schools are ready for 2018!

    Local schools are ready for 2018!

    Makunga Mvalo, Mzoxolo Primary and Dickson Dyani Primary have won the Best Strategic Planning for the new school year. Thanks to long hours, motivated pupils and dedicated teachers, these schools have held meetings, maintained academic monitoring and thrown successful co-curricular events (including sporting events!). Their excellent planning is thanks to the efforts of the Kistefos […]

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