25:40 OVC Canzibe | 25:40

The main objective of this programme is to develop and foster programmes to provide educational assistance, skills training, nutrition, health care assistance, and to ensure support and protection for OVC’s living in 24 villages in Ward 23, Canzibe.

An aftercare and pre-school programme, Masonwabe Aftercare, is currently running at the mission and the goal is to identify and seek funding for more aftercares in the area, to develop a database and register of OVC’s and to ensure proper referrals and regular home visits are taking place. These activities are carried out in conjunction with the work being done by the Khusuleka Trauma and Sexual Abuse Centre that was set up at the mission and the Child Support Group and 2 Women and Childcare Forums that are active in the area.

The programme activities are being carried out by 10 CHW’s who are being paid a monthly stipend through funding secured by SPF through IDT. Their duties are split between the OVC programme and doing lay counselling to clients visiting the Khusuleka Centre.

The Khusuleka Centre (which means to be ‘protected’) vision is for people to have the psychological, emotional, and physical support they need in order to heal from their trauma, to create a safe and supportive environment for survivors of sexual assault, domestic violence, child abuse and the HIV/AIDS pandemic; and to eradicate sexual violence in the area.

This 25:40 OVC programme will be registered as an independent NPO. A constitution in the name of ’25:40 Children’s Alliance’ has been developed and approved by the funder and is ready to be submitted to DSD.


  • Development of an OVC database and ward based plan.
  • Establishment of 2 women and childcare forums.
  • 120 OVC’s assisted with the materials needed to establish nutrition gardens.
  • Awareness and prevention campaigns carried out in the community and at taverns in the area.
  • Existing aftercares in the area at Lujizweni, Manyosana and Nomadolo villages have been uplifited using a best practice model.
  • Mapping has been carried out to determine resources and to establish who is doing what in the area.
  • To date 82 abused clients have been assisted and supported in various ways: 33 child abuse cases, 40 women abuse cases and 14 clients suffering from trauma.
  • On average 17 OVC’s are identified per month (204 children per annum).