SPF Project


Funded by: Kistefos, Norway

Programme Manager: Dr Paul Cromhout

Sector: Education

The programme aims to benefit 22 secondary schools with quality improvement plan in place. Results 35 secondary schools have been enrolled.

Benefits 66 teachers (Science, Mathematics, English) mentored by mentors to improve teaching and learning. Results 40 Teachers have been trained and 74 teachers mentored and supported.

Target 2200 learners over 2 years. Results 3500 children have been supported. Improve leadership, learning, life-skills and resilience. Results 35 Secondary schools have had improved learning, life-skills and resilience interventions.

35 Secondary Schools have been identified with the Department of Education. Lockdown has closed all schools at present: SPF assisting learners and teachers via a call centre and response team.

We recommend that all new work be postponed until January 2021

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