SPF Project


Funded by: Kistefos, Norway

Programme Manager: Dr Paul Cromhout

Sector: Education

Early Childhood Development:

The Aim: To develop 45 Early Childhood Centres to ensure excellent stimulation, care and health.

The Results: 51 centres has been reached.


The Aim: To improve quality of care, stimulation, health and nutrition of 2,250 children. 

Results: 2,753 Children was reached.


The Aim: To ensure 45 edu-care practioners are trained and qualified. 

Results: 26 Practioners qualified and 25 practioners busy with studies. 26 Practioners from 26 Centres started in late 2018 and completed their qualification in 2019 and 25 practioners started in late 2019 and were continuing to complete in late 2020. Lockdown had postponed training of these 25. Distance education will commence from June 2020. We are providing them with data and airtime to continue studies remotely.

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