SPF Project


Funded by: Charlize Theron Africa Outreach

Programme Manager: Nangamso Magadla

Sector: Social

The Khusela Project provides Rapid Response services to women and victims of domestic violence, victims of sexual assault and rape, abused children, abused older persons and/or people with disabilities. The project was initiated to create and support an enabling environment within targeted wards and communities, where local authorities and civil society work with and support communities in which the rights and needs of victims of crime and violence are acknowledged, and effectively addressed within a restorative justice framework. The project is funded by the generous donations of Entertainment Industry Foundation, CARE and Charlize Theron Africa Outreach Project.


The core activities of the project are to:

·         Set up and operate a call center that will provide telephonic support to targeted beneficiaries.

·         Provide capacity building support to Victim Empowerment Champions who will follow up on beneficiaries reached through the call centre, for onsite and referral services.

·         Establishment and operationalisation of safe spaces in the villages; where people can go to for immediate safety

·         Provision of a structured package of services through the rapid response team that will follow up on cases and link beneficiaries to Thuthuzela Centres

·         Coordination and management of a referral system for linkage to support services

·         Monitoring and Reporting

·         Documentation of best practice

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