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25:40 OVC Canzibe

Caring for orphans and vulnerable children in Canzibe & Nyandeni Local Municipalities

We develop and foster programmes for the Canzibe and Nyandeni Local Municipalities. These programmes offer educational assistance, skills training, nutrition and health care assistance. They also maintain support and protection for children without families and living in child-headed households in 24 villages through Ward 23. An aftercare and pre-school programme, Masonwabe Aftercare, is currently running at the mission. With additional funding, we hope to build more aftercares and develop a database and register of orphans and vulnerable children. This funding will also help us ensure proper referrals and regular home visits are taking place.

Social Sector
Social Sector

NDA Capacity Building

Training & mentoring community based organisations

National Development Agent (NDA) during the 2014/15 financial year continued with the Capacity Building of non-profit organisations (NPO’s) in the Eastern Cape Province, which is also rolled out throughout South Africa. We focus on two districts: Chris Hani District and OR Tambo District, and have capacitated, trained and mentored 48 Community Based Organisations.

EPWP Non State Sector Community Health Worker Programme

Funding community health care workers

We have assisted with short term employment of 130 community health care workers. They are paid as part of the Expanded Public Works programme. Funded by the Independent Development Trust, the programme ran until January 2017.

Social Sector
Social Sector

Capacity for Active Citizenship

Improving communities access to health and social services

Our aims are to increase communities access to both primary health care and social services, to improve care and to increase communities participation in planning for and the delivery of these services within Amathole and Buffalo City Districts. We use the Community Score Card Methodology developed by Care International.

We have already seen improvements in nutrition and growth of children, exclusive breast feeding and setting up of orphans and vulnerable children safety nets.

Capacity for Active Citizenship is funded by the European Union.

Oxfam Italia/Buffalo City Municipality Support Programme

Quality of life for people in Tsholomnqa, Newlands & Vergenoeg

Our focus is on improving the quality of life for people living within the Buffalo City Municipal areas of Tsholomnqa, Newlands and Vergenoeg. A dual focus sees the creation of community awareness and improving care and outreach services within the health sector, and providing small enterprise support for survivalist small enterprises.

Social Sector
Social Sector

Small Business Support Programme

Growing small businesses in Buffalo City

We have linked with the Oxfam Buffalo City Municipality Support programme to provide management support business training to small business owners. Our support includes assistance with upgrading their business, cash management skills and mentorship. We also provide small loans to enterprises that qualify.

ABSA OVC Project

Helping orphans & vulnerable children in Gqebera / Walmer Township

Our assistance involves the establishment of a Child Care Forum and the identification of 80 OVC families, who have since become beneficiaries of the Absa programme.

Social Sector


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