The Small Projects Foundation

Making meaning. Taking action. Changing lives. 

“Bright Futures has helped me a lot. I have learned things I did not know. It has made me aware that my future is in my own hands. I used to be a disrespectful person. That has all changed since I have been part of Bright Futures. A lot has changed in my life. I was a loner who did not interact with other learners. I also refused to wear the complete school uniform. Now I wear the complete school uniform when I go to school and have started chatting with other learners. I had no purpose in life. That has all changed. I actually now believe that I will succeed in life.”


Vuyolwethu Mponzo, 16 year old boy learner, Lower Malahle JSS

What we do

We improve the lives of poor and disadvantaged people.

Our Vision

To be internationally recognised as the first choice provider for community development services in Africa by 2020.

Our Mission

We empower people and communities to improve their quality of life socially, economically and physically.

We believe in building up people until they are able to empower themselves, and their communities. Our work is done in our programmes and methodologies, with a highly trained staff dedicated to our cause. We join with stakeholders who operate on provincial, national and international levels. Think non-governmental organisations, communities, community based organisations, development foundations and agencies, academic institutions, provincial and foreign governments, local municipalities and development practitioners.

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