The Small Projects Foundation

Making meaning. Taking action. Changing lives. 

“Since I started working I’ve noticed a definite change: less people are skipping clinic, more people coming since they know that if they don’t come, we will go visit them at home.” 


Mzikazi, Community Health Worker

Who We Are

The Small Projects Foundation is a non-governmental organisation based in the Eastern Cape, South Africa.

What we’re known for

We are known for our diversity, the quality of our work, our depth of skills, experience, and our commitment to empowering and developing people and their communities.

Our focus

For 27 years, we have focused our expertise in a variety of development ventures. Our focus areas include project management, social marketing, development facilitation, training, innovative development, research and evaluations.

Founded in 1988, the Small Projects Foundation operates under the governance of non-remunerated Board of Trustees, and is registered as a Trust, a Non Profit Foundation and as a Section 18A Company.

Our Team

Our staff are a dedicated team of hard working passionate individuals. Completely dedicated to the upliftment of communities in the Eastern Cape and the world. 

We are a staff of 37 people

Consisting of:  

One Managing Director, Marketing and Fundraising Manager, Personal Assistant, Admin Manager, Receptionist, two cleaners, one Admin Assistant, one Data Capturer, one Programme Manager, three Project Managers, Programmes Financial Manager, three Project Administrators, 12 Co-ordinators, two Facilitators, four Trainers, one Field Officer and an Outreach Nurse.

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