Code of Conduct


·         Honesty

·         Trustworthy

·         Loyalty

·         Open

·         Confidence in personal values


Commitment to the SPF Vision

·         Entrepreneurship

·         Social conscience

·         Passionate about the vision of the organisation

·         Commitment to customer satisfaction



·         Accountability

·         Commitment to self-development

·         Goal-oriented

·         Presentability

·         Honour deadlines



·         Enable, empower and encourage other members of the organisation

·         Make sacrifices for other team members if necessary

·         Participate enthusiastically in, and contribute to, the team effort

·         Work at developing self-confidence

·         Share rewards with other team members

·         Accept constructive criticism

·         Share information and knowledge with colleagues and beneficiaries

Create and apply knowledge for the benefit of the organisation and beneficiaries.

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