Health Sector

HIV Management


Paediatric ART and PMTCT

Zero new cases of HIV in new born’s

Eradicate paediatric HIV

Early Infant Diagnosis and Treatment of HIV

Promote ante natal care

Retain pregnant women on PMTCT chain until baby is 18 months

Decrease maternal and child mortality

Retention, treatment and care of HIV positive mother and baby dads


Aids Action

Building resilient communities to take action against HIV and TB

Zero discrimination

Supportive communities

Addressing gender inequalities and cultural norms

Developing and getting a Provincial Clinic Committee policy in place


Youth HIV Prevention

Young Women and Girls Leadership Interventions.                                                                   35 000
Sexual and reproductive health and rights education for Young Women & Girls at school.        10 227
Advisory support and behaviour change interventions to youth out of school.550
Strengthening of adolescent and youth friendly services at clinics.86
HIV awareness testing and support.20 000


Health Care

HIV counselling and testing for 38 551 pregnant women.   

HIV education and awareness for 31 415 Pregnant women and 10 637 – Infants.

Improve 48 clinic responsiveness to MCH and PMTCT.

Established 11 627 home gardens for nutrition.

Capacity building of 397 community health care workers.

Empowerment of 450 communities so that they can identify their health-related needs and challenges, and can participate in ward-based planning.

Capacity building of 86 Primary Health Care Facilities to improve care.

Capacity building of clinic committees to improve care and ensure accountable service provision.


Health Management



Alcohol and Drug Abuse knowledge and information reached 4,888.

Shebeen/Tavern Based Talks reached 1,143.

Educate pregnant women on danger of drinking whilst pregnant, reached 63% of women.

Alcohol used during pregnancy is 15, 6% and 19, 7% used alcohol during previous pregnancies.



Vision Care Screening, testing and provision of spectacles Model

Facilitate patient transport to and from treatment.

Facilitate cataract operations.

In O.R. Tambo District 320 blind patients received sight due to the cataract operations.

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