SPF Project


Funded by: Kistefos, Norway

Programme Manager: Carl Satekge

Sector: Social

This programme was established as an integrated action for sustainable community empowerment process in the informal settlement of Buffalo City Metro Municipality.

This initiative is aimed at involving the small entrepreneurs at a local level to be active and highlight fundamental improvements to enable them to participate in local economic development. The community development process was historically characterised by poor economic development which has created a large number of poor families in the community. Those families can positively contribute to development but they are prevented from doing that due to lack of resources, lack of information, lack of access to markets, and lack of access to funding for small businesses.  Fledgling small businesses operating in rural and peri-urban areas for 2 years or more are supported with business skills, mentorship and micro-credit.

The Aim: Provide 2 Enterprise development staff to support 180 small entrepreneurs. 

The Results: 219 Loans have been granted with a total loan value of R407,160.

The Aim: Provide Micro MBA accredited training to 180 small enterprises in market analysis, costing, pricing, selling, using a calculator, business plan and money management: 

Results: 118 new Small Entrepreneurs were trained in the Micro MBA course. Providing advice and support to small enterprises telephonically. Many are currently not operating due to lockdown regulations. We are preparing to assist small entrepreneurs when lockdown eases from June 2021.

Success story for a person who have trained and/or made loans and a significant success

Amanda Zenani is from Tsholomnqa area. She has been selling smaller items like sweets and chips prior to attending Small Business Training course (Micro MBA). She enjoyed the training and the bigger idea came during the training. She thought of buying one-day-old chickens, raise them and sell them. That idea did not fall on deaf ears. SPF assisted Amanda to realise her potential. Her loan application of R1500 was granted. She bought 50 day old chicks.

She managed to grow them to a point where they can be sold. The mortality rate was less than 10% which is very good given the circumstances. We believe that with experience and skills that she continues to learn will decrease in the future. She is so thankful for the job that is being done by SPF. She is looking forward for working well with SPF and also to expand her business.  Her future plans are to expand her business and add bags to her selling items.

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