SPF Project

SPF - Call Centre

Funded by: fhi360

Programme Manager: George Chikono

Sector: Social

The SPF Call Centre was established in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. Before the outbreak of the virus, Care Workers were going to homes, schools and clinics to enroll orphans and vulnerable children into the various SPF programmes. This involved a lot of face-to-face interaction, and a lot of travelling. COVID-19 changed all of that and coming up with new ways of working was our goal. We had to create a way to reach our beneficiaries.

Gender Based Violence was further highlighted by the COVID-19 pandemic, perpetrators of violence were confined to their homes with survivors. This prompted us to create an Emergency response unit, with qualified and experienced social workers to respond to calls 24 Hours a day.

Call Centre:

Toll free: 08000 600 10

WhatsApp: 064 093 0536

Some of the Capacity Building workshops to-date:

·         Gender Based Violence training for the call center staff on how to be first line responders

·         Training on how to be "Safe persons"

·         In-house training on HIV, PMTCT, STIs, Career Guidance

·         Training on SRH from a clinical perspective on assisting children and youth living with HIV

·         Automated the way we capture forms from manual to automated, and rolling out training of using the system to call center agents and Care Workers. 

·         Established an emergency Gender Based Violence Hotline which operates 24 Hours a day. 

·         Established a Job guide for care workers to use in the field, which outlines details of their role and how to perform their job well. 

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